What's the Difference between Branded and Promotional Content?

(Second in a series on Branded Content)

Good branded content possesses a few important virtues. The main virtue is value. The branded content that you offer should be something that adds value for your audience beyond the benefits of your product or service.

45282246_m.jpgHere are some themes and example videos that can help you ideate what sort of content marketing you should create:

  • INSPIRATION: Content that inspires, uplifts, emboldens, or empowers is a great lens around which to create content. Oftentimes memorable, moving, or endearing subject matter is a great way to gain recognition and affinity.
  • EDUCATION: Informational content is a great way to add value to the lives of your audience. Furthermore, it can also help your company become perceived as an expert in your given field of expertise, increasing brand trust and loyalty.
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Sometimes the best way to reach your audience is through content that entertains. This can be done by telling a great story, filming a wonderful stunt, or a compelling video series that captures their imagination and rivets their emotions.

  • INVOLVEMENT: Your biggest fans want to feel like they are a part of something bigger. Videos that give your audience the chance to interact with, create content for, or access an intimate perspective of your company helps them feel valued, listened to, and represented. Additionally, content with a strong message of involvement and action can lead to a sense of belonging while building your tribe of loyal customers.

    (This is part two in a series on Branded Content. In future posts, we'll provide more examples, case studies, and education on how you can get started with branded content for your organization.)



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