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We can take your video project all the way from concept to completion, or simply help with part of the process.

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Concept Development

Following a discovery meeting or call, Mastcom will come up with rough sketch video ideas and treatments that align with your communication goals, inspiration and budget.

Scripting and Storyboards

Mastcom creates scripts or storyboards based on the needs of the project. We can work from scratch, from a rough script, or simply an outline or idea.

Aerial Production

Mastcom is FAA Part 107 certified for commercial drone production. We are fully insured, registered with the State of Minnesota and maintain a commercial pilot license.

Shooting, Directing & Producing

Mastcom captures high definition video in 4K. We assemble the best team for the project and equip them with the latest in video field production tools.

Video Animation

Many video projects benefit from animation. 2D and 3D motion graphics help explain abstract concepts, keep viewers engaged and increase the production value of the final product.

Post Production Editing

The magic happens in the editing process, where all of the various raw production elements are gathered, sorted and woven together. We typically will start with a content only cut which is then refined into a draft fine cut. After client feedback is addressed, the video is further refined into the final cut.

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