Where Can Video Content Be Used?

Video isn’t going away. If you’ve wondered where in your business you can best use video, the answer is simple. Everywhere. Video is quickly becoming the media tool of choice because it’s engaging and more importantly, it’s persuasive. Adding video to your meetings, website, lobbies, mobile, expos, and anywhere else you want to drive engagement is a great idea.

Don’t Just Say It, Record It

If the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” is true, then video must be worth, what? Exactly. It’s priceless. Nothing is more compelling than seeing and hearing a testimony and having the ability to see it again and again. There are several ways you can utilize video, including:

  • Customer testimonial – straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak
  • Person-on-the-street interviews – spontaneous and candid responses
  • Product demonstration – instead of telling them, show them
  • Training – your time is valuable, be in two places at once essentially
  • Advertising – because the only way to go viral, is to go viral

Video is a salesperson who never sleeps, your company’s tireless brand ambassador, and it’s estimated that by 2018, 84 percent of internet traffic will be video. Changing the way you view your integration and promotional strategies to include video will keep you on top of ever-changing innovation in today’s marketplace. The sky is the limit when it comes to video, and the time to adapt is now.

If You Shoot It, They Will Come

Where_Video_Can_Be_UsedVideo is especially powerful in the business context. When talking about your website, video can boost your site’s SEO because there’s less competition in the video SEO segment than non-video results. Video will also drive your traffic because people are actively looking for engaging, compelling reasons to stay on your site. According to HubSpot, 55 percent of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website. What can a user garner in 15 seconds: absorbing text or watching video? It’s powerful data and should motivate you to consider your current website and how you can use video to your advantage.

Another emerging concept in video is experiential marketing. If you’re trying to attract people to your brand and business, consider video for the heavy lifting. If you’re a tradeshow or expo regular, and rows and rows of booths are where you reside, how do you set yourself apart from the rest? With video. Everyone has candy dishes and swag like pens and other branded promotions. With the visual, interactive display video can add to your booth, you’ll naturally attract people looking for those cues. Video can also be less intrusive, without the aura of a “sales pitch” that can be intimidating or unappealing to many consumers.

Giving B-Roll an A+

People buy from people, and they also like buying a feeling. Video will deliver both of those desires. B-roll, or the extra footage captured to add depth to the story you’re telling or message you wish to convey, can be especially effective. Instead of just featuring direct, traditional video footage of interviews, utilize B-roll to enrich the general message. This type of video footage is often the most interesting and will draw people into the message with its visual appeal.

Consider adding video to your lobby, break room, or showroom floor. With footage rolling in the background, you’ll grant your customers or employees an exclusive view into your business that will make them feel a connection. Tell your story using video, and let it showcase what makes your business and brand so special.

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Todd came from TV news land, where he honed his skill as a video writer, producer and director. He then brought these skills to the business communications world and added his knowledge of budgets and creating value for clients. Todd has a degree in Mass Communications from St. Cloud State, but we Gopher hockey fans try not to hold that against him.