Client Shoot Prep Checklist

Hiring a professional crew to capture content at your organization is expensive and can be intrusive.  If things go wrong, time could be wasted and opportunities could be missed.  Here's a list of things clients can do ahead of time or be aware of to make sure the shoot goes smoothly:

•The producer will need to coordinate the entire shoot schedule with the client, allowing time to move and reset equipment in different areas of the campus or building.  We'll likely want to do a location scout or walk through to see where we'll shoot, estimate how much time, how far from and to the next set up, etc.

MNDOT school principal
•Make sure everyone in your company knows about the video:  the date and time, what areas are involved, what the video is for.

• A Mastcom producer can help you develop a production schedule that will give everyone an idea of when to expect the crew and plan their day.

•Make sure any departments or individuals who will be involved in the production know their roles, what time to be ready, etc.

•For people being interviewed on camera, you can send them our blog on "Tips for Being Interviewed on Camera."

GCDD Ann Turnbull

•The director will likely need "extras" working in the background if they are shooting b-roll.  Employees in these areas should be aware of this, the potential time frame, what they need to do (usually what they normally do) and to not wear clothing with logos other than your company. 

•The crew can accommodate any employees who do not wish to be in the video.  Some companies ask for release forms for those who do appear in the video, but we don't require this.

•If we're doing interviews (and capturing sound) try to make sure there won't be any loud noises will interfere with this: landscaping or grounds maintenance, construction projects, employee gatherings or other noisy events. 

•The crew will need to know if your company has restrictions on where they can bring in carts of equipment.  Some companies prefer they use the loading dock, not the front door.

•Normally the client plans for and coordinates lunch for the crew on full day shoots and the client also pays for any parking or location fees incurred.  This should all be in the estimate/contract.

At Mastcom it's our job to make the shoot as painless as possible for you.  Let us know if you have any questions about what to expect during a video shoot.


Tim has been in the media production industry since his days as a U.S. Navy shipboard news anchor in the 1980s. Tim has a BA in Visual Communication from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communications. He has been President of Mastcom since 2002.