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The Challenge: National Flooring Equipment initially reached out to Mastcom in search of a simple and affordable way to demonstrate routine maintenance tasks for contractors in the field.

The Solution: Mastcom partnered with National Flooring Equipment to learn the audience and determine the best way to present the information. We produced a series of simple step-by-step training videos using the National Training Manager as the voice talent. This provided the audience with a familiar voice walking them through each product.

The Result: National Flooring Equipment had an extremely positive reaction to the first series of videos. This led to a long-standing relationship. Mastcom has traveled to Denver several times to shoot footage at National Flooring Equipment’s headquarters. National prepared its warehouse with sections of common flooring materials seen by contractors in the field: wood, vinyl composite, ceramic tile and carpeting. During this two-day shoot, we were able to capture several machines in use working on each of these materials along with motion beauty shots of each machine. This resulted in several high-energy tradeshow videos.

Recently we were able to focus on the crown jewel of the National Flooring video ecosystem, their brand overview video. Instead of employing a narrator or actors, we wanted to tell a more authentic story using interviews from the staff. The result was a piece we called “This is National.”

Our relationship with National has progressed so well over the years, we feel we are part of their strategic communications team. We know and understand their products, their processes and their various audiences. This allows us to suggest videos to produce for these audiences and ultimately help them reach their marketing goals. Here is what National Flooring Equipment had to say about Mastcom:

“Tim, Matt, and the entire team at Mastcom are a pleasure to work with. Their exceptional creativity and talent in bringing our ideas and products to life, allows us to connect to our customers around the world.”– Connie Johnson, Marketing Manager, National Flooring Equipment

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