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The Challenge: Choice Screening was redesigning its website to create a user experience focused on video. Choice Screening knew they wanted a Company Overview video and a video to explain their proprietary software. However, they wanted to maximize their investment and asked Mastcom for additional video ideas. Video was new to them and they were looking for more than a video producer.

The Solution: Mastcom brainstormed several options but the one idea that kept resurfacing was the idea of producing testimonial videos featuring Choice Screening clients. We didn’t want to produce the same testimonial where clients talk for 2-minutes about how Company X helped them out. Choice Screening was open to the idea of allowing their clients to give their story and then at the end explain how Choice Screening affected their business. We ended up producing two videos we feel authentically showcase how Choice Screening has impacted their customers.

The Result: Choice Screening launched a state of the art website with video front and center. HubSpot (an international Inbound Marketing company) even recognized the Choice Screening website by listing the site as having one of the 12 best contact pages they’ve ever seen. Here is what Choice Screening had to say:

“When we began designing our new, user-centric and modern website; we knew we wanted video to be our centerpiece. While vetting several options, Mastcom immediately struck us as experienced, talented and someone we’d work well with. Our team had general idea of what we wanted, but Mastcom took our concepts and helped us hone in on the right dialogue and messages to achieve our goals. In the end, we created 4 videos: a process/app-focused animated explainer, an About Choice Screening, and two client stories. We were pleased to hear everyone involved comment on how easy the process was, the great direction given by Todd and Matt and how comfortable they felt! And, best of all, everyone featured in our videos (internal and our clients) absolutely loved the end product! We couldn’t be happier with Todd and his team at Mastcom!”– Celeste Ricco, Choice Screening

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