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Building Able Solid Manufacturing
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The Challenge: Our relationship with Able Seedhouse + Brewery began when we toured our new office in Northeast Minneapolis during the summer of 2015. The founder of Able - Casey Holley - was in the process of getting their brewery up and running. He mentioned he was interested in creating some videos.

The Solution: Casey had something truly innovative in mind. Instead of promoting Able directly, he wanted to highlight the local Northeast Minneapolis artisans who helped build the brewery. He called the series “Building Able.” The first video featured Keith Wyman of Concrete Pig – responsible for the beautiful tables in Able’s taproom. The second video featured the husband and wife team at Solid Manufacturing – who crafted the tap handles.

“So many talented and creative and wonderful people worked on the build out of Able, and I was so inspired to capture that story. They are literally the reason the space looks and feels a certain way, and I want to bring attention to that, to their art, and to them as people in a meaningful way. It's honest, and it's personal. It’s been important to us from the beginning that we turn the spotlight on the people who make Able happen.”– Casey Holley

The Result: Mastcom partnered with Able Seedhouse + Brewery to create a series of videos titled, “Building Able.”

“We are located in the epicenter of the NE Arts Community. This community is diverse in people, food, drink, culture, arts. As a company, we value art, and artists. So it was important that we leveraged and highlighted the artists that already call Northeast home, and try to give them another platform to showcase their work, because they're so important to the neighborhood.”– Casey Holley

In addition to the Building Able series, Mastcom has also helped produce a promotional video for Able’s limited release beer called Greenspace.

With Able located in our parking lot, we can often be found enjoying one of Casey’s products after work. We look forward to many more projects with Casey and Able Seedhouse + Brewery.

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