About Us

Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis President

Tim Lewis has been in video production since his days as a shipboard broadcast journalist aboard a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier in the 80s. His entire career has been spent leading teams in creating award-winning videos for marketing, training, and meeting support. The video production industry has provided Tim with a continuous variety of content topics to learn and grow as well as a vehicle to forge many relationships with Twin Cities business communicators.

Tim’s role at Mastcom as Executive Producer allows him to provide guidance on a project level along with directing the vision and nurturing a creative culture. He has a BA in Journalism (Visual Communication) from the University of Minnesota.

Tim’s passions outside of work are family, music, hockey, camping in the BWCA and fishing.

Pete Snell
Pete Snell Senior Producer

Pete Snell began his career working in the editing room for commercial and feature film production companies. Over the years he’s written, produced, directed, and edited hundreds of productions from nationally broadcast TV commercials to marketing, training, and corporate image videos. He’s been the recipient of numerous awards including the U.S. International Film and Video Festival, New York International Film and Video Festival, Ava Awards (national), ITVA Awards (local and national), Aime Awards (national), and Telly Awards. 

Pete is also a professional musician and has performed on soundtracks for several broadcast television spots and longer format productions. Pete has a BA from the University of St. Thomas with additional studies in film production, music theory, and performance. He is an avid fisherman, camper, and outdoorsman.

Riley Lester
Riley Lester Editor / Motion Graphics Designer

Riley Lester has been a motion graphics designer and video editor for the past 10 years. Over those years, he’s had the pleasure of working with numerous clients, agencies, and industries helping them communicate through design and animation. His curiosity and love for all things visual keeps him invested in every project he’s a part of.

Riley’s role at Mastcom as Art Director allows him to express his creativity while being empathetic to the viewer’s needs. He has a proven track record of turning abstract ideas into clear, concise visual representations that communicate efficiently.

Outside of Mastcom, Riley enjoys spending his time cooking, concert going, and camping. Although he hails from Wisconsin, he proudly calls Minnesota home with his partner Jasmine and his two cats.

Matt Genesis
Matt Genesis Creative Director

Matt Genesis has been honing his skills in creative direction and content creation for over 10 years. He got his first taste of production in Los Angeles as a featured dancer in various music videos, commercials, and TV shows including: America’s Best Dance Crew. His keen sense of direction and hunger for knowledge quickly led him into directing high-end commercials, music videos, and branded content for various clients such as: Turtle Wax, Quest Nutrition, Drive Network, and BMW. 

Matt’s role at Mastcom as Creative Director allows him to collaborate with an innovative content creation team while providing clients with comprehensive creative solutions. Matt’s hands-on experience and diverse background create a potent skill set that allows him to provide Creative Direction on any media platform. His ability to direct, shoot, and edit content gives his clients a tactile vision for execution.

Outside of work, Matt’s passions include: family, the outdoors, and seafood! He regularly cooks cajun shrimp boils with his Dad that are arguably the best in Minnesota. Despite his southern origins, you won’t find an accent on this transplant. Matt is from a military family that moved all around the world until settling in Onalaska, Wisconsin where he finished high school. If you’re in need of Creative Direction, you’ll find him in his office drawing on the walls and cracking jokes!

Mitch Miller
Mitch Miller Post Production Supervisor

Mitch Miller has been in post production for the past 6 years. During that time, he has gained expertise in what it takes to get a project past the finish line. He previously worked on Target’s marketing team, and completed a wide variety of projects including broadcast, social, and brand anthems. His propensity towards organization aids in his ability to both supervise post production and edit projects.

Mitch’s role at Mastcom as Post Production Supervisor allows him to give extra care to each project, from the moment footage arrives to the due date and beyond. It’s Mitch’s top priority to edit every project to the best quality and according to the client’s needs, while also storing each for a later date.

Mitch’s interests outside of work are playing strategic board games, cooking, and learning new songs on guitar. Mitch grew up in Minnesota and lives with his wife and three cats. He is Minnesotan through and through.

Adam Lusch
Adam Lusch Editor

Adam Lusch has been working in video production for the past 4 years. His passion stems from, what some might describe as, an unhealthy obsession with movies—he sometimes watches 4-5 films in one week! His favorite movie is “In Bruges,” and he would love to write and direct his own films in the future.

His passion helped him develop a career in video production and guided him to a job with Mastcom as Video Editor. He takes his inspiration from the movies he watches and applies them to his work, creating a more artistic and cinematic approach to editing. There’s no better feeling for him than taking a complex project and piecing together a simple story that creates a powerful, emotional connection with an audience.

Outside of work, he enjoys hiking and camping, going to concerts and new restaurants with his girlfriend, and of course watching movies. He also enjoys reading and writing. After living in the suburbs most of his life, he has recently moved to St. Paul and is loving the city, except for the parking.

Our Story

Mastcom was founded in 1977 as Master Communication Group. In 2016, we began doing business as Mastcom, moved to the Northeast Arts District in Minneapolis and laser-focused on quality video production for marketing and training.

We noticed how many marketers and other professional communicators were intimidated or frustrated by the cost and complexity of the video production process. We didn’t think it had to be this way. Our video production process has been built for you, the client. We listen to your needs with understanding and enthusiasm. We help you identify the story you want to tell and craft it into something concise, engaging and beautiful. We want your video to reflect the highest possible craftsmanship and quality on your brand and company image.

This is insured by our meticulous attention to detail, clarity of vision and ability to put the right team in place. We have years of working together in an environment of integrity and trust that allows for the efficient resolution of any issues that arise. We are a diverse group of problem-solvers who know how to work collaboratively together through a judicious, team approach.

Video production can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be.

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