What is the Buyer’s Journey and How Can Video Help?

If you’re in the business world, chances are you’ve heard of the buyer’s journey. And if you’re in the sales or marketing industries, your work life revolves around it. The buyer’s journey is a key aspect of any marketing plan. It describes the steps or phases a potential customer will take before purchasing a product or service.

What is the Buyer’s Journey?


Every buyer’s journey is different, but they all cover the same three stages:

1. Awareness: At this stage, a potential customer is realizing a want or need for a product or service.

2. Consideration: A potential customer has a clearly defined want or need and is interested in learning what options are available to satisfy that want or need.

3. Decision: The final stage involves a potential customer evaluating his/her options to make a final decision.

What’s interesting about the buyer’s journey is that close to 70 percent of the buyer’s journey is now done online. It’s critical to your success to integrate this form of marketing strategy. Knowing the power online content marketing has on consumers is also a reason to reconsider your company’s buyer’s journey. What does your buyer’s journey currently look like when it comes to the web and what can you do to make this journey more cohesive? Video is your answer.

How Can Video Help Move People through Your Buyer’s Journey?

In order to successfully move potential customers through the buyer’s journey, it’s imperative to have online content available at each stage of the journey. Content in the awareness stage should satisfy potential customers’ needs and move them to the consideration stage. The consideration stage content should then do the same to move potential customers to the decision stage. And the decision stage content should have a call-to-action and lead a potential customer to make a final decision. Content for all three stages should be captivating and provide value. There are many ways to deliver content, but the best way is through video.

Video is online marketing’s best kept secret. For marketing purposes, video can help move people through the buyer’s journey by using a different type of video at each stage.

1. Awareness Stage
  • Explainer videos
  • How- to videos
  • Company overview videos
2. Consideration Stage
  • Testimonial videos
  • Demonstration videos
  • Case study videos
3. Decision Stage
  • Detailed product or service overview videos
  • Demonstration videos
  • Comparison videos

When it comes to online marketing and the buyer’s journey, video is the perfect medium to use. There are different types of video for each stage of the buyer’s journey that will lead potential customers to you and your business. If you have yet to integrate video into your marketing efforts, try. There’s no harm in trying and the payoff could be huge.

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