What is 4K and How Can This Help My Business Communication?

Many business communicators might have heard the term 4K promoted as the next big thing. They might also be wondering what 4K means and why they should care? They should care because it can help enhance business communication.

The technology behind video production is advancing at the speed of light as bandwidth increases and the cost of storage decreases. 4K is a video standard that is the next step up in resolution beyond the familiar 1080 high-definition. 4K is basically four times more resolution than 1080 and exponentially higher quality than standard definition video.


What does this mean for business communicators? It means higher quality images are possible - when it makes sense. It depends on what you’re doing. For example, if you were shooting ice cream for a commercial, you might want to shoot it in 4K to bring out the detail. If you’re simply shooting talking heads for a quick web testimonial, however, it might not make sense.

The gaming and film industries creating entertainment content are more likely to finalize in 4K for the highest resolution. While the amount of content available in 4K is limited, it will become more widely available.

Since adopting the 4K capability, we use it primarily for acquisition in our business communication projects. We’ll shoot in this super high-resolution format but do the editing in 1080. This workflow allows for flexibility in re-framing shots, doing slow zooms, and generally moving around in the frame. It provides creative flexibility in the edit.

Some business applications that one might consider producing 4K are: tradeshow videos, splashy meeting videos to be projected on the big screen, and commercials.

While business communicators may not need 4K for every project yet, my guess is they will demand it once they see the difference in quality it presents. With everything else, people want the latest and greatest (especially when it comes to technology). If you’re ready to produce in 4K, call us, we can help you move your productions into the 4K world.

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Tim has been in the media production industry since his days as a U.S. Navy shipboard news anchor in the 1980s. Tim has a BA in Visual Communication from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communications. He has been President of Mastcom since 2002.