1979: Video Killed the Radio Star | 2015: Online Video's Time to Shine

In 1979 the Buggles released the song, "Video Killed the Radio Star", which promoted new technology (television), while simultaneously mourning the old (radio). In 1981, this became the first music video to air on MTV. Check it out (music video starts at 4:35):

According to an article on Hubpages, "“Video Killed the Radio Star” definitely has a direct meaning in the sense that new technology came and replaced old technology, and that pictures bring a whole new meaning to songs, stories, documentaries, and many other works that were once just recorded audibly." This was more than 30 years ago!

2015: Video Today

Today, video remains the primary medium people use to consume content. However, it is no longer just viewed on a television. Adults today spend more than 5 hours watching video content every day; this statistic has remained fairly consistent in the last 10 years, but what is changing is the amount of time people spend consuming digital video.

According to an article eMarketer published:

"In 2011, time spent with video on digital devices—PCs, mobile devices and other connected devices including over-the-top (OTT) and game consoles—totaled 21 minutes daily. This year, US adults will spend an average of 1 hour, 16 minutes each day with video on digital devices."


How You Can Use this Information

So what? Why does this information matter for you and your business?

Because, this tells you what your audience wants - VIDEO. When it comes to content, consumers want two things:

  • To access content on their own terms
  • Content that is easy to consume

The easier you can make their lives, the better. When creating video - especially for marketing purposes - you must remember: people want to be entertained, helped, or educated, not sold to. So how can you use video to get in front of your audience and, in the end, get more customers?

Here are just a few online video ideas

  • Product Demos
  • Commercials
  • Business/Culture Overview
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Case Studies
  • Training/Education

The Next Step is Getting Started

The sky is really the limit when it comes to digital/online video. The question isn't, should I use video? Rather, how can I use video to grow my business, demonstrate my product, solve a problem, get more customers, etc.?

And, you don't have to have all the ideas - that's why we're here. Not only do we produce, shoot, and edit videos, we brainstorm ideas, scripts, and storyboards - the whole shebang. Connect with us if you'd like to start kicking around some ideas.

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