Set Your Next Business Pitch Apart with Video

Your business development people have lined up a big pitch to a huge client that fits your agency perfectly. Your team is in place to wow them with a strategic plan. Your big presentation is in two weeks, but you have some tough competition. How are you going to stand out? Video can seal the deal.

Here are a few types of business pitch videos to consider as well as some video tips to help you when putting together your next client video pitch:

Branding Issue or Image Problem

BrandSet up an issue or image problem the brand is having then show them how you are going to help them solve it. This type of video shows the prospective client what the “street” is saying about them — how regular people perceive them. A pitch video can provide insights the client may be unaware of or aware of but may not have heard articulated the way you will present it before. A pitch video can serve the purpose of a “wakeup call” for some executives that may be resisting a change in direction or transformation your agency is advocating. Most importantly with this type of pitch is to demonstrate the problem your agency’s strategic plan will solve for a potential client.

Industry Awareness or Non-Awareness

The purpose of this type of video is to show a prospective client insights into how regular people perceive their industry or product, rather than their brand specifically. It is similar in that it sets up the problem your agency’s strategic plan will solve: educating prospective customers on your industry and leading them into a sales process.

Big Visual Idea for a Winning Campaign

For this type of pitch video, convey a unique image and message your agency developed for a prospective campaign. It may not use interviews as much as graphics and motion style frames. This type of pitch video shows the client how much research you’ve put into understanding their branding, imaging, and opportunities for advancing their business objectives.

Campaign Highlight Pitch Video

This type of video is an animated graphical summary of the proposed plan with tactics, statistics, and reasoning behind the suggested plans. It might include some of your key staff members narrating the vision. It’s a great way to take the place of the standard PowerPoint/Prezi presentation and stand out above your competition. Video helps pitch the story at a more emotional level which helps get your prospective client excited about your plan. This video is often used post-campaign to summarize markets, media, and gross impressions to help executives quickly understand where their marketing dollars went and the value the campaign brought to their business.

Here’s a great example of a pitch video we found on Vimeo:


Now you know you want to use video for your next pitch. What’s the next step? Here are three important tips for creating videos to land the big shark.

  1. Quality, Content and Style Matter

Your team only has one chance to present this plan and show this video. Don’t go cheap on production quality and editing. For example, if you conduct a focus group in a bland conference room with 4-5 people and shoot it wide using only the camera mic, the quality and style will suffer. Interview them individually with a distinctive style to give the piece more energy and high-end feel. It makes the content more engaging, energetic, and effective.

  1. Interview Regular People

A business pitch video can take many forms, but the most powerful type features simple interviews with regular people. You want to make sure these people fit the demographic of the ideal customer of your prospective client. The location can vary, but the line of questioning needs to convey a specific point or purpose.  Avoid the obvious and find the intriguing insights to make the video more powerful.

  1. Have a Plan, but Be Flexible

Have a clear direction before you begin shooting, but remain flexible. New ideas may pop up during the interview process. After interviewing several people, you may start seeing an interesting trend. If you can stay flexible and ask the right questions, the content may steer you in a better, more accurate direction.

A business pitch video demonstrates to the prospect that you’ve gone all in and done primary research. You’ve talked with their customers and found new insights into how they are perceived in the marketplace. A pitch video can make a huge difference on a winning presentation that sets your agency apart and helps land a big fish.

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