Content Marketing with Video

Many organizations are discovering marketing success and developing a thought leadership position through content marketing with video. While it doesn't make sense for all businesses, it can be an integral part of a successful marketing strategy.

Content marketing is creating and delivering content that provides value to your prospects. This content can come in many forms, like blogs, email marketing, article marketing, white papers, case studies, micro-sites and mobile apps, but my personal favorite and the hottest trend lately is video, sometimes called video blogs or podcasts. These are short educational pieces that can be rolled out in e-newsletters, social media and of course, your web site. It's rich content that can be used in many channels for your marketing purposes.

Here's how it works: Create 8-10 two or three minute videos in one shooting session to maximize efficiency. We recommend using a teleprompter to simplify the delivery. These videos are then edited with simple graphics and a brief intro/outro. Once approved, upload the videos to dozens of video sharing sites with relevant keywords and an accurate description for search engine optimization. We also include a web address where the viewer can go for more information and sign up to receive more. leadership by designThe videos should ultimately live on a landing page from your web site, specific to a particular topic. Your web visitors—and search engines—favor rich content and video with relevant, useful information.

So where do you get your topics? Easy. Take the top ten questions your clients and prospects ask you on a regular basis and answer them in two or three minute pieces. Show, don't just tell. Use case studies or client narratives. Be brief, accurate and relevant. Provide attribution for your sources. Think like a journalist, and publish meaningful content that anyone can understand. Avoid jargon and keep it conversational.

It's important to keep in mind that for content marketing to be effective, it needs to be more educational than promotional, to share information and solve problems, not shill products. Avoid propaganda and invite participation instead.

Once you have a content marketing system in place, you can expand on it and drive new visitors by posting links in relevant forums, discussions, blogs and Linkedin groups. You can re-purpose existing content into different forms. For example, the videos could be re-purposed into podcasts, articles into video blogs, etc.

By doing content marketing through video blogs, you're adding value and building relationships that will eventually lead to sales. You are also creating content that can be rolled out in many different ways. Content marketing using video differentiates your business and distinguishes you as an expert in your industry, builds trust and burnishes your online reputation. It makes you look genuine, approachable and real. It's a powerful, 24-7 envoy for your business, stirring conversations, creating further engagement and inviting a connection.

Every business has information for the marketplace of ideas. Provide the marketplace with your ideas on solving their problems and you'll find customers for life.

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