Bad Audio Can Ruin a Good Video

Bad audio can ruin a good video

There's a reason the A is listed first in AV. It's audio/visual not visual/audio. Amateur producers often focus too much on the video side of a project and forget the importance of the audio. Poorly recorded sound will kill a video more than poor video quality. When you watch a video and the audio quality is not good, the first thing your brain says is, "The picture looks bad." Here is just a short list of what can make an interview sound like Charlie Brown's teacher:

  • Using a camera mic for the interview
  • Improper placement of microphone
  • Wrong microphone chosen for the task
  • Using a phone to shoot the interview

The bottom line is good professional video production companies pay as much attention to the audio as they do the actual video. Remember, your video is only as good as your sound.

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