6 Things You Need to Know About Online Video

In the past ten years, online video has seen massive growth. Social media has played a large role in this growth, especially YouTube. According to YouTube, more than one billion unique users visit the site each month, spending more than four billion hours watching videos. These impressive numbers are only expected to grow.

As a web site that started out with random videos being uploaded by users, people weren’t really sure what the success of YouTube would be. But it completely took off and has been one of the top growing sites every year since launching in 2005. YouTube is now a central hub for searching and viewing just about anything. So the question for you is, how can your business take advantage of its influence? The answer: by joining the online video movement.

film-589490_640Businesses can create their own channel on YouTube and upload videos related to their business and industry. It’s more than just uploading basic videos about your business. It’s about creating and sharing online videos that are creative, engaging, and insightful for your viewers and potential customers. Video is one opportunity for you to become a thought leader in your industry and create a personal connection with your audience

We believe the following are just a few things that every business-person will want to know about the power of online video:

1. Online Video Viewership is Increasing Rapidly Across All Demographics 

Whether through a computer, tablet, or phone, people are always connected to the digital world. People want visuals; they want to watch instead of read. The bottom line is your audience wants to be entertained. With video this is possible, and with online video you can reach a much wider audience than through traditional avenues.

2. Your Audience Is In It For Themselves 

“What’s in it for me?” That is the question your audience is asking when consuming your content and considering your product or services. And today, most people don’t want to be “sold” to, at least not until they are ready to buy. Think about how and why you consume video; when you watch a video, you’re looking to learn something or be entertained in some way. Creating a video that only sells (aka, traditional TV ads) is not enjoyable to consume, unless you are ready to be sold on a product or service. So remember, it’s not all about you – it’s about your audience. Think about their wants and needs, and create your videos accordingly.  

3. Only a Few Industries Use the Power of Online Video

Only a few industries are truly harnessing the power of online video. Each business and industry has unique opportunities for online video, so now is the time to do something new and different that will set you apart. Move forward in a new direction and give your audience something they won’t expect, but will fully enjoy.

4. Targeting and Measuring Tactics are Improving

It’s continually getting easier to track viewers and where they came from. Video analytics can provide a lot of useful information about your audience – how they’re finding you, what they like and dislike – which can help you better market to and serve them. This knowledge can significantly help your business succeed. 

5. Online Video is an Engaging, Persuasive Form of Marketing

Video brings words and images to life, tells a story, and drives action. Video is easy and enjoyable for consumers to consume. When people want to learn or find an answer to something, they head to the Internet; your online video will be there waiting for them.

6. You Will Need the Help of Experts to Get Results

Shooting with a flip cam and putting it online doesn’t convey the proper message or image for most businesses. This style generally isn’t the right application for business videos. Professionally produced videos more accurately tell your story, engage your audience, and drive activity for your business. No one wants to watch a poor quality video. It’s painful.

Join the online video movement and create content your audience wants to consume.

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