6 Best Corporate Videos

“52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.”  - Brainshark

VideoWhen it comes to creating the top six uses of videos for your business, there is no “one video fits all” approach. Each business is unique and will use video differently in order to further company goals. This does not mean that no two businesses can create the same type of video. Many times, the best way to gain inspiration for a business video is to see what others are doing. Business videos are different than videos for entertaining in that they are meant for specific audiences and are used to meet specific needs. Businesses have to create what’s best for them.

With that in mind, we have six uses of corporate videos for businesses to aid in their marketing needs and further company goals.

1. Company Overview

Every company needs a short overview video that quickly sums up their business: who they are, what they do, and their main markets and specialties. It should have sound bites from a few key executives and show some of the people and culture of the organization. This video has many uses beyond the company website, including tradeshows, meetings, presentations, etc. It provides a consistent, repeatable story that’s easy to watch and share. 

(Mike Pfeifer Custom Woodworking Overview Video)

2. How-To/Product Demonstration

Companies that sell products instead of services can benefit the most from how-to or product demonstration videos. Video is easier and quicker to digest than reading a manual or instructions for use (IFU). The more complex the product, the more important it is to have a video to demonstrate how to use it. You might need video to show how to set the product up, how to use it properly, how to perform maintenance, and so on. How-to and product demonstration videos will give your business credibility and demonstrate thought leadership within your industry.

(Capital Safety: Harness Donning)


3. Testimonials

One of the most authentic and valuable marketing message is a testimonial from a satisfied customer. If you can get a few of your customers to agree to appear in a testimonial video, they can be your best spokespeople for your business. Testimonial clips can be incorporated into product videos, company overview videos, or be their own, stand-alone videos.

(Marco Testimonial Video for Leighton Interactive) 


4. Training

Training is the most obvious best use for video since video is able to convey a consistent, repeatable message effortlessly, time and time again.  When hiring a new employee or implementing a new program, training needs to be conducted within a few days. While video can’t replace all training -- especially hands on training -- it’s an excellent supplement for employee orientation, culture or values, workplace policies and other internal messages that need to be communicated consistently and viewable at any time online.

(MN Election Judge Training Video) 


5. Recruiting

Recruiting videos promote your business to potential employees and give them an inside look at who you are, what you do, and what working for your business is like. Many recruiting videos showcase your company’s history, values, and culture through employee interviews and visuals of people working throughout the business. Other recruiting videos are specific to a certain position and talk about the duties of that job. 

(Heavy Duty Service Tech Recruitment Video)

6. Presentations

Presentations are one of the easiest and most inexpensive sources of video content. If someone from your company is going to give a presentation, chances are others can benefit from this content - so capture it on video. In the editing process, we will usually add PowerPoint slides or create animated text based on the slides. We can create one long video from the presentation or better yet, generate a dozen or more short videos from the content of the presentation, depending on how you want to use it.

(HUG Event Presentation Video)

Your business doesn’t need every type of video to increase ROI; you just have to create the right ones for your company. Take the time to find out the best corporate videos that fit your business, and focus on creating compelling content for those types of videos. 

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