4 Video Inspiration Resources that Will Get Your Ideas Rolling

Finding inspiration for your business videos is like any other creative effort. Sometimes ideas arise so fast that you barely have enough time to write each down, and then there are times that you sit staring off into space with absolutely nothing coming to mind. It is in times like these that a feeling of anxiety can sink in and make you put off trying to come up with an idea. Why? Because creativity can’t be forced. Just like writers block, creative block can and will occur. Procrastinating will only make it harder for you to return to in the future. This is why having sources for video inspiration is important.

470754355Finding great sources that you can come back to time and time again is something that will help you in current and future video endeavors. Whether it’s speaking with a member of the MCG team or finding sources online, knowing you have something to get your creative juices flowing will make the video creation experience much better.

Write Down Ideas

Getting started is the hardest part – so start simple. If you have any video concepts, write them down. Seeing things visually can draw more thoughts and ideas. Mind maps are a great way to document initial ideas, organize your thoughts and generate additional depth or altogether new ideas. A great place to start is with the basics: what you want your video to be about (a general topic). Then, dig deeper into the finer details like, what you want to include and ways to present the topic visually.

Watch Other Business Videos

If you are starting with nothing, YouTube can be your best friend when it comes to finding inspiration. A couple of other great sources that allow you to filter through business-oriented videos are Vimeo and Motion Graphics. Watching what other businesses are doing, whether they are in your industry or not, can spark ideas. You may see some of your ideas represented, and you’ll likely view many more concepts that never would have crossed your mind. Doing a search online and taking time to watch other business videos can be a great inspirational resource for your own video.

Read Articles and Use Online Resources

There are countless articles on the internet that can give you guidance and provide ideas. Gigaom has a list of ways you can use video and YouTube to create a sense of expertise and thought leadership for your business as well as provide customer service through video. Inspired Magazine is another source that features a list of sites for daily video inspiration. And, you can always rely on us. We have great samples on our website, resources in our blogs, and minds designed to create video inspiration for your next business video.


Video inspiration may just come from talking – with coworkers, friends, family or even strangers. When it comes to conceptualizing an entire video, nothing beats brainstorming with a group of people. When you gather a group of people together, different perspectives are brought together. Everyone has a different way of thinking and a different creative capability. Talking through a basic idea can evolve in many different ways. Never underestimate the value simple conversations can have on sparking great ideas – whether it’s a group of coworkers or one of us at MCG, start talking and ideas will follow.

These are just a few creative outlets to help you gain video inspiration. You may find that just one tip above provides all the inspiration you need, or you might need some combination of them all. Find what works for you and start being inspired.

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Tim has been in the media production industry since his days as a U.S. Navy shipboard news anchor in the 1980s. Tim has a BA in Visual Communication from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communications. He has been President of Mastcom since 2002.